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The Haps

We are proud to host our Friday Night Social Series!
Created to uphold our commitment to community, each session involves a fun, action packed, and challenging workout such as SurfSet or dance with a social component such as cocktails or a movie on our patio. For more details and to sign up go to the schedule page.

In partnership with Marathon Matt, Sweat Republic is a proud sponsor of the Sasquatch Scramble. A community-centric group fitness studio, offering SURSET, TRX Suspension training, yoga, pilates, and bootcamp, we offer a variety of ways for runners to supplement and vary their training to improve their endurance and performance. We are offering our Sweaties free and discount codes for the Sasquatch Scramble 5K/10K/Half on Sun, 4/26 @ Redwood Regional Park in Oakland!

Trails, BEER (http://www.pyramidbrew.com/), massage (http://www.psoasbodywork.com), awesome technical shirts, medals, urban legends, and more round out this EPIC trail adventure!

Be one of the first THREE to sign up for the Sasquatch Scramble 5K/10K/Half on Sun, 4/26 in Oakland w/the code 'SWEATFREE' and you're in for FREE!

If you're not one of the first three to sign up, you can still get $10 off if you're one of the first TEN to use the SWEAT10 code. SWEAT5 gets you $5 off if you're not one of the first 13 to sign up!


Did you hear?! At the beginning of 2015, PureWow recognized Sweat Republic's SurfSet classes as one of the "4 workouts worth the money"

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